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The Taxpayer Minutemen Project

During the American Revolutionary War, Minutemen volunteered to organize quickly in defense of fellow citizens who faced oppression from the British government. They pledged to respond “at a minute's warning” to threats against fellow citizens during the war. Minuteman Paul Revere spread the news that "the Redcoats are coming!" when the British marched to subjugate the towns of Lexington and Concord in April of 1775.

We need YOU to be a Taxpayer Minuteman!

Taxpayer Minutemen are citizens who care about protecting fellow taxpayers from ever-growing, expensive and fiscally abusive government.

Just complaining about increasing taxes and wasteful government spending won’t get anyone in the government to listen to us. Politicians only care about the demands of organized interest groups who can threaten their chances at reelection.

Minutemen are organized to fight back against tax hiking politicians – quickly and effectively!

What is a “Taxpayer Minuteman”?

Minutemen are taxpayers’ first and best defense against politicians who seek to raise taxes. Taxpayer Minutemen mobilize quickly in opposition to tax hikes by taking immediate and effective political action against politicians who raise taxes.

Taxpayer Minutemen don’t bluff – they pledge and deliver immediate action!

What are the duties of a Taxpayer Minuteman?

Taxpayer Minutemen volunteer to collect at least ten signatures on a petition to recall a politician who votes to raise taxes. As a Taxpayer Minuteman, you pledge that you will collect the ten signatures quickly (within days) of a recall being officially and legally launched in your home county. That’s it – just ten signatures of registered voters living in the district of a local tax-hiking politician!

Any citizen qualified to vote can sign up to be a Minuteman. Just remember, ten signatures of registered voters in a targeted politician’s district in your county, and collected within a few days of being “called up for duty”.

Who will be targeted for recall? How will I know what to do?

Recalling a tax-hiking politician can be complicated and expensive. Don’t worry, you’ll be notified if a qualified, legitimate recall campaign against a tax-hiking politician is happening in your home county. Minutemen will be fully briefed on the status of the recall and simple instructions will be sent. Your job is to quickly collect the ten signatures of registered voters in that targeted tax-hiking politician’s district.

Are recall elections costly to taxpayers?

No. Recall elections can legally occur on one of four scheduled election dates per year. Usually a school board or primary election is already scheduled on the targeted recall date. Recalls just add ink (not new costs) to already-scheduled elections.

How do I volunteer as a Taxpayer Minuteman?

Will you step up to defend fellow citizens against tax hikes? Are you sure you’re willing to give up your time collecting ten signatures on a recall petition? We never know when politicians will vote to raise taxes – it might be rainy, cold or hot outside when a recall campaign is launched.

If you’re ready and willing to fight back, sign up below. Obviously, your contact information is critical. It’s important for the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance to know how many Minutemen there are in any given county.

Its never been more important than right now! Become a Taxpayer Minuteman!

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