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Macomb homeowner: Welcome to your 40% property tax hike

Property tax hike vote Nov. 8

On Nov. 8th, there is a special election to determine whether to raise the property taxes you pay toward the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) by 40.7%! You probably don't know much about the election, and public school union leaders prefer that you not know and not vote – that's why public school leaders put this millage increase on a special ballot this November instead of waiting for next year's large-turnout presidential election ballot.

921 Macomb County public school employees make over $100,000 per year!

The MISD tax hike "would give every school district in Macomb County much-needed additional money" according to the MISD website. But do school districts really need more of your income? A new state law requires school districts to publicly list the number of district employees that are compensated more than $100,000 per year in salary and benefits. Macomb County school districts report that over 921 public school employees in Macomb County make over $100,000 per year in wages and bennies.

The $164,000 librarian and $173,000 gym teacher?

More than 921 administrators, supervisors, support personnel, and other staff are reported by Macomb County school districts to be earning over $100,000 per year. According to school public records, those getting big paydays include:

• The Utica Community Schools "Director of Athletics" is paid $173,000 in wages/benefits annually.

• East Detroit schools' "Athletic Director" hauls in $152,000 in yearly wages/benefits and the athletic directors of Fraser Schools ($152,000) and Chippewa Valley ($148,000) also enjoy bonanza paychecks.

• Chippewa Valley Schools' superintendent enjoys $275,000 in annual salary and benefits

• Mount Clemens Schools' "Director of Public Library" is given $164,000 in yearly pay/benefits

• Utica Community Schools' superintendent takes $291,753.62 per year out of the budget for her annual salary and benefits

• Utica Community Schools has 6 "executive directors" earning at least $175,000 in addition to an array of superintendents, assist. superintendents, principals, associate principals, directors, etc.

Tax hike on you allows big union/administrator paydays to continue

If all 921 public school employees making more than $100,000 per year were capped AT $100,000 in compensation, school districts would save $34 million a year – far more than the $27 million in higher taxes the MISD wants from the Nov. 8 property tax hike.

Public school unions and administrators say they have already absorbed funding cuts and have made sacrifices – yet their own reported compensation data suggests they have a different concept of "sacrifice" than most Michigan citizens. Advocates of increasing your taxes on November 8th argue that this millage increase "is for our children", while they refuse to bring their salaries and benefits in line with what taxpayers can afford.

Will you vote on November 8th?

Will you let tax hikes and jackpot spending continue to be business as usual? You can vote by calling your local city or township clerk and requesting absentee ballot or you can go to your normal precinct voting location on Tuesday, November 8th. Don't worry, there won't be a line to vote – there never is on these stealth election tax proposals. That's why this November 8th was chosen as the election date for this tax hike.

Let's insist on spending reform. Please remember to vote!


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