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Leon Drolet
Leon Drolet, MTA Chairman
The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) is an alliance of Michigan citizens who believe the state government of Michigan is hurting citizens and our economy by taking too much money from citizens and redistributing it through ever-increasing spending.

The MTA is a true alliance in that its members are dedicated to stopping the state from increasing taxes from any segment of Michigan citizens, even those that government sees as an 'easy mark' due to their relative unpopularity; i.e. smokers, alcohol drinkers, "big business", small business, gamblers, "bad drivers", "the wealthy", farmers, or any other taxpayer regardless of their political vulnerability.   Learn More...
Tax Day Protest Against Sales Tax Hike!

Will you let Michigan's sales tax increase this spring?
Join fellow taxpayers on April 15th to protest the tax hike.

Who: YOU & fellow taxpayers who think taxes on your family are high enough already!

A public protest against the May 5th vote to raise the state sales tax from 6 cents to 7 cents (a 17% increase) that will cost the average MI family $500 in new taxes next year if passed.

500 W. Big Beaver Road (Metro Parkway) In front of the Troy City Hall (just east of I-75 & Big Beaver Road intersection in Troy). Park at Troy City Hall.

Tax hike supporters are spending millions to pass this increase at the May election. This rally is the best way for you to say, "No way!"

Wednesday, April 15th from 5:00PM - 7:00PM.

Feel free to bring your own protest sign!

Appeal Your Property Taxes Workshops
Free assistance for homeowners

Learn how to appeal your property tax assessments by attending a free, two-hour workshop offered by the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and the Wayne County Taxpayers Association. Currently scheduled are three workshops in Flat Rock, Wyandotte, and Ira Township. More workshops are currently being organized.

“Homeowners’ property taxes don’t always decrease when property values do,” stated Rose Bogaert, Chair of the Wayne County Taxpayers Association. “Too many struggling homeowners may end up paying too much in property taxes if they don’t appeal their assessments. These workshops will provide valuable, expert and free information to homeowners.”

Currently scheduled workshops:

Thursday, February 10, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Patriots of Southeast Michigan, Community Lutheran Church, 23984 Gibraltar Rd, Flat Rock, MI. It is 1/2 mile east of Telegraph Rd and 1/2 mile west of the I-75 Gibraltar Rd exit

Wednesday, February 16, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church 2803 First St. Wyandotte, MI.

Monday, February 28th 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
6319 County Line Road located just north of 25 Mile Rd., Ira Township, MI

Can't make it to any of the workshops? You can also order a DVD of our workshop! Click here for details.

Click here to order online!

E-mail Leon@MITaxpayers.org if you have any questions!
Good times rolling for government employees

Compensation for Michigan's private sector citizens decreased by 10.3% between 2007 and the third quarter of 2009 - the most recent data available from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis. Most Michiganders are earning less and struggling to get by.

But one group is actually becoming richer in Michigan: government employees. State and local government employee compensation increased by 5.5% during the same period, and federal employee compensation is up by 7.5%.

And the good times will keep rolling for state government bureaucrats who are scheduled to receive a nice 3% pay increase this year unless two-thirds of state lawmakers vote to halt the pay hike.

Who pays for generous government employee pay increases in these tough times? Remember that Governor Granholm and state lawmakers hiked the state income tax by 12% and the state business tax by 22% back in 2007? Those tax hikes meant more money out of your shrinking paycheck and into the fatter paychecks of Michigan's government class.


The Taxpayer Minutemen Project

During the American Revolutionary War, Minutemen volunteered to organize quickly in defense of fellow citizens who faced oppression from the British government. They pledged to respond “at a minute's warning” to threats against fellow citizens during the war. Minuteman Paul Revere spread the news that "the Redcoats are coming!" when the British marched to subjugate the towns of Lexington and Concord in April of 1775.

We need YOU to be a Taxpayer Minuteman!

Taxpayer Minutemen are citizens who care about protecting fellow taxpayers from ever-growing, expensive and fiscally abusive government.

Just complaining about increasing taxes and wasteful government spending won’t get anyone in the government to listen to us. Politicians only care about the demands of organized interest groups who can threaten their chances at reelection.

Minutemen are organized to fight back against tax hiking politicians – quickly and effectively!

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MTA Board of Directors
Leon Drolet

Grover Norquist
President, Americans for Tax Reform

Rose Bogaert
Chair, Wayne County
Taxpayers Assoc.

Darin Chase
President, Homesite Mortgage

David Grudzyski
President, Lasercom LLC

David Littmann
Chief Economist, Comerica Bank (retired)