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Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Updates: February 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your congressman's "RePork card" is here...

Dear Taxpayer,

The federal government took your family's money and spent $150,000 for the restoration of Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, New York. Did your congressperson vote for this waste of your money?

The Club For Growth has issued a "RePork Card" that ranks every congressman on how they voted on 68 key amendments that would have eliminated millions of dollars of wasteful spending from the 2009 federal budget.

Some of the targeted pork barrel legislation this year includes:

• $325,000 for the Institute for Seafood Studies in Thibodaux, Louisiana.
• $250,000 for the Monroe County Farmer's Market in Tompkinsville, Kentucky.
• $100,000 for the Myrtle Beach Conference Center in South Carolina.
• $90,000 for the Commercial Kitchen Business Incubator project in Watsonville, California.
• $1 million for potato research in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

What was your congressman's grade?

Congratulations to Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-Holland) for earning the only 'A' grade of all 15 Michigan congress members.

Thaddeous McCotter (R-Livonia) earned a 'B+' and Vern Ehlers (R-Grand Rapids) received a 'B-'. The only other sorta passing-ish grade went to Mike Rogers (R-Howell) who received a D+.

Every other Michigan congressperson received an 'F' grade for not supporting amendments to cut the majority of the pork. Check out the entire report card here.

Another pay cut for you (unless you are a government employee)

Governor Granholm has spent the past week working the media circuit trying to sell her $550 million tax increase to the public. Granholm's proposed extension of the state sales tax to services such as hair cuts, oil changes, and carpet cleaning is equal to yet another pay cut for most every Michigan family.

But Granholm's proposed budget does include a bright spot - if you work for the state government. Unionized state employees are scheduled to receive a 3% pay increase again this year.

How does your income look this year?

Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance

Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael Moore, Governor Granholm, ice tea and you

Michael Moore, the left-wing filmmaker whose credits include "Roger and Me" and "Capitalism: A Love Story" owes you money. You see, his film "Capitalism" was recently approved for a generous taxpayer subsidy from the State of Michigan's treasury. If you haven't seen the film, Moore attacks the taxpayer bailout of banks, portraying these subsidies as fleecing the American taxpayers for the benefit of the wealthy. You know, rich guys like Michael Moore.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy uncovered the information about Michael Moore's hypocritical personal taxpayer bailout:

"Moore isn't just any filmmaker. He is a current member of the Michigan Film Office Advisory Council, a state organ created to advise the Michigan Film Office, which is responsible for approving applications for Michigan's film incentive program. I do not believe it strains credulity to suggest that Moore's very presence on the council may have led to the film office approving special tax treatment for his work...

...Moore's acceptance of the Michigan film incentive subsidy is troubling because he has grown wealthy railing against corporations and capitalist institutions - such as Wall Street - for enriching themselves at the expense of the little guy and taxpayers.

In the trailer for "Capitalism: A Love Story," Moore shows up on Wall Street and says, "...we're here to get the money back for the American people..." This is in reference to the high-profile bailout of big banks (and other institutions) by the federal government. By accepting a state subsidy, Moore, who shows disdain for private, for-profit businesses raiding the pocketbooks of Americans, engages in this very practice himself.

Even more galling is that Moore is set to feed on Michigan's beleaguered taxpayers.”

Michael D. LaFaive, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Protest in Lansing this Wednesday evening!

Governor Granholm presents her eighth 'State of the State' address this Wednesday, February 3rd. The MI Taxpayers Alliance will be outside participating in an taxpayer protest of Granholm and the legislature's failed economic policies. The event will also feature a 'State of the Citizen' address that will compete directly with Granholm's speech - except we will be outside the Capitol Building.

Join us by heading to the Capitol Building in Lansing this Wednesday evening. The protest and event starts at 6:30. Please dress VERY warm (there will be hot chocolate) and arrive in time to find parking near the Capitol Building. Bring a protest sign (glow sticks will be provided). Details are on the MTA website at www.mitaxpayers.org.

See you Wednesday at the "State of the Citizen Iced Tea Party Protest"!

Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance