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Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Updates: April 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking: Conservatives DON'T riot!

Rarely in recent memory has there been anything like yesterday's tea parties - spontaneous, awesome, grassroots events involving millions of everyday taxpaying citizens. So I went to bed last night looking forward to reading today's newspapers.

I couldn't find the print coverage in today's Detroit Free Press. I finally found the article buried on the last page of the business section, just after a weekly feature on business trivia. They also forgot to mention the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance - not that there's anything wrong with that...

OK, so I look at today's print Detroit News. The very short article is on page 5A (there is a nice, big photo). But right below the tea party article is a MUCH longer column titled, "Anger Boils Among Militia Members" about a barbeque attended by about 100 Michigan Militia members. They stacked the two articles on top of each other. The 100 Militia guys got WAY more ink than the estimated 20,000 taxpayer tea party participants.

Then I grab today's Macomb Daily to read their front-page story about the Saint Clair Shores tea party. The otherwise-fine article concludes with this sentence, "(The) rally had a heavily conservative tone, but protesters never became unruly."

What! How is it possible that 300 "conservatives" could hold a rally and not become violent? Can you imagine an article concluding with, "The global-warming rally had a liberal bent, but, somehow, never became violent."?

Unlike some, I actually DO care about the demise of the print media. I wish they would work harder at being trustworthy and relevant.

Two last stories to share: Some guy with a hand-held video camera approached the MI Taxpayers Alliance table at yesterday's Lansing tea party and started asking me why I was at the protest. I told him, but he started asking me lots of questions about social issues. He was very polite, but wouldn't quit trying to goad me into talking on camera about gays, minorities, abortion, etc. The poor infiltrator finally left, all frustrated that all I would talk about was Granholm's record on taxes, spending and jobs.

Lastly, go check out our little buddies' blog at MichiganLiberal.com. This past Tuesday, they advocated a leftist "takeover" of the taxpayer tea parties. They suggested:

"I think we should capitalize on all the media they are going to get by showing up at these events and showing them what REAL populist anger looks like. We can hijack their event to send our message.

All you have to do is go to their corporate funded website, find a protest in your area and show up tomorrow with signs that reflect the reality of the populist anger in America and especially Michigan right now. Remember to bring a videocamera if you have one!

Some suggestions for signs you should bring:

"I support President Obama!"

"Universal health care NOW" Etc...

How did their "real populist anger" look? They won't say. MILiberal is strangely silent today about their "hijack" effort. Their silence is deafening. Its quite funny.

Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lansing Tea Party Protest on April 15!

In case you haven't heard, citizens angry about Washington and Lansing's destructive taxing and spending orgies are converging on the Capitol Building in Lansing at noon on April 15th to protest. Its part of a national movement of citizens participating in taxpayer T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already!) parties.

The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance is proud to be one of six Michigan organizations sponsoring the Lansing protest.

You don't need a long, angry, harangue from me to get worked up about the explosion of spending and debt consuming Washington and imperiling our country's economic future. You've lived with six years of the Granholm Doctrine: take more of your money to stimulate government's growth. By now, either you've given up hope, or are pissed-off enough to fight back.

Will this T.E.A. Party signify the resurgence of taxpayer activism? How many citizens are paying attention enough to "do something about" their government's economics of destruction? Will the media and political class take notice? I hope this Lansing T.E.A. Party is the beginning of a sustained, growing movement of citizen resistance to our government's policies of financial suicide.

More info can be found here: michiganteaparty.blogspot.com. Will you be there, at the Capitol in Lansing at noon on tax day? I will be.

Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance