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Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Updates: Granholm's New Gas Tax

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Granholm's New Gas Tax

I’m not a fan of sending out daily or weekly emails. But I have an obligation to alert you to Governor Granholm's newest tax hike plan.

Frank Beckmann reported on his radio show on WJR 760 AM last week that Governor Granholm plans to raise taxes on gas. Yesterday, Granholm confirmed Beckmann's report and announced her tax hike proposal, despite her promise not to raise taxes this year. She wants to change the tax on gas from its current 19 cents per gallon (13th highest in the nation) to a percent-per-dollar that would result in more money for the state. Her plan may also include a doubling of your annual registration fees.

It's overwhelming. Michigan's economy is dying, and the government-class is rushing in to feed off the carcass as quickly as it can. We've suffered the state's income tax hike (12%), business tax hike (22%) and now Granholm wants a gas tax hike. Not to mention the endless fee hikes and new energy code resulting in electricity rate hikes. Plus, Macomb County's plan for a 9% county property tax hike and, of course, President Obama's budget that would quadruple the national deficit in one year.

Everyone, apparently, is going to suffer except government employees, politicians, and some organizations which rely primarily on your tax dollars.

Three things that you can do:

1. Call your state legislator and tell him/her to vote 'No' on any tax hike, including the gas tax hike. Find your Senator here and your Representative here.

2. If you're a Macomb County citizen, attend this coming Wednesday's (March 11) protest against the property tax hike in Shelby Township.

3. Start spreading the word to family and friends. Encourage them to join the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance or another activist organization. Pass along emails.

Expect a few more emails from me as things heat up. We are not going away without a fight, and some politicians are going to pay with their careers if the MTA has anything to say about it!

Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance

P.S. - If you were unable to attend a workshop on appealing you property tax assessment, it is not too late. A DVD from the tax appeal workshops is available on the MTA website for $10. Click here for information.