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Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Updates: Recall Update

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Recall Update


Since Governor Granholm and state lawmakers jacked up your taxes, the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance has been inundated with emails and phone calls from people wanting to lead or assist in recalling tax-hiking politicians from office. Sorting through over 3,000 emails and juggling many phone calls has been difficult for the MTA's small staff. Thank you for your patience if you are awaiting a personal reply to your email.

In order to properly assist you, the MTA needs to know where you live. Many emails have not included a home address, so we do not know who the sender's representatives are. Some citizen-led recall efforts have already been launched, and those efforts need to know who lives in the districts of politicians being recalled. Please, if you emailed the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and did not provide an address, click the link below to update your address information with us.

Update Your Contact Information

Recall Legislators Update

Citizens have formed political action committees for the recalls of the following lawmakers:

Steve Beida (D-Warren)
Marc Corriveau (D-Northville)
Robert Dean (D-Grand Rapids)
Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford)
Ed Gaffney (R-Grosse Pointe)
Mary Valentine (D-Muskegon)

Gerald Van Woerkom (R-Muskegon)

Recall language has been submitted to the local county boards of electors for representatives Beida, Corriveau and Dillon. More submissions are expected soon.

In addition to the above listed politicians, I expect citizens to file recall paperwork against senators Valde Garcia (R-Howell) and Wayne Kuipers (R-Holland) and Representative Chris Ward (R-Brighton).

Did your representative or senator support the tax hikes, but is not listed above? And, are you serious about getting involved with a recall? Shoot the MTA an email with (in the subject line) the name of the politician you want to lead or assist in recalling. Then hang in there, we will get back to you.

Recall Granholm Update

Most of the emails we have received were from people wanting to recall Governor Granholm. Many people asked to have a Granholm recall petition sent to them. There is no CURRENT, legally-binding effort to recall Governor Granholm underway. Why? Because recalling a governor is such a monumentally difficult task that many, many things would need to be put in place well before any petitions are signed or circulated.

How difficult is the task of recalling a governor? Over 955,000 valid signatures would have to be collected in just 90 days. Actually, a recall group would have to collect about 1.3 million signatures to ensure that 955,000 of them are from real, registered voters. The record number of signatures collected for a constitutional amendment in Michigan is about 505,000. And those gatherers had SIX MONTHS, not 90 days, because the law allows more time for constitutional amendments than recalls.

So, is recalling Governor Granholm hopeless? Maybe, but most political observers in California thought that recalling then-Governor Grey Davis was hopeless at first. Davis later became the fourth governor in U.S. history to be recalled from office.

It is my understanding that a Recall Granholm Exploratory Committee is being created. The Committee would seek to collect the names and contact information from citizens who will commit to collecting signatures to recall Granholm. No petitions will be circulated until enough citizens have made a commitment to the Governor's recall. Waiting until enough citizens are ready to launch helps ensure that the recall effort can be successful collecting all the signatures in the allowed 90 days.

If you have joined the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and provided contact information, your name will automatically be forwarded to the Recall Granholm Exploratory Committee (don't send a duplicate email). Please make your friends aware of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and ask them to join. Together, we can make history and help restore prosperity to Michigan.


Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance